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The Edge of Civility - Does evil naturally reside within a person, just looking for an excuse to claw its way to the surface? Or do the events and surroundings in one’s life mold and shape a person into a form that is only capable of evil? One can only surmise that either of those suppositions could be true. It is undeniable however that often times a person’s background pushes them towards a certain type of behavior. Would the son of a ruthless dictator grow up with ambitions to dominate his fellow compatriots if he had been raised the son of a common merchant instead?

It is easy to point a finger at those we see doing wrong and condemn them as evil at heart, but what if we were in their same circumstances in life? Now add to that a crisis situation, where people must do things outside of the normal realm of civility in order to survive. If your child were hungry, and the only way you could feed them to keep them alive was to steal a loaf of bread, would that be wrong of you to do? Would you let your child go hungry because you insisted upon doing the right thing by society’s standard? What if you had to take the bread by force? Would that be evil, or survival of the fittest, like in the natural world where only the strong survive?By no means should someone’s circumstances in life be a license to commit crimes against their fellow man, but just like an injured dog backed into a corner, the parent of a hungry child may strike out in order to ensure their child’s survival, when in any other situation, they may have been a valued friend and neighbor.

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JET: Dangerous Prey - Set in the days of Jet’s service with the Mossad, she is called to South America to help put an end to a drug smuggling operation that functions as a covert source of operational financing for a Middle Eastern terrorist organization. With the organization’s sights set on the destabilization of Israel, its intent was to wreak havoc on Israeli interests, attacking them both at home and abroad. 

Due to the Mossad’s lack of a support network in countries like Bolivia, as well as the short-notice nature of the operation, Jet was called on to take on this mission alone. With little to no support until it is time for her extraction, Jet must face the might of powerful drug cartels aligned with the enemies of the country she is sworn to protect, with little more than her training and experience to fall back on when things go wrong. 
As she wraps up the sanction, her clean get away falls apart and an entirely new struggle arises. The story starts off in the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, then on to Chimore, Cochabamba, Bolivia, and then deep in the jungle that spans the borders of Bolivia and Peru. 

Join her as she faces these challenges, along with her gains, her losses, her heartbreak, and hope. Follow along as those who hunt her learn the hard way that they are chasing dangerous prey. Type your paragraph here.

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